s Wireless Concrete Sensor - Real-Time Temperature, Maturity, and Strength

Wireless Concrete Sensor

Real-Time Temperature and maturity monitoring of concrete



Concrete temperature and maturity monitoring has never been easier thanks to the fully wireless SmartRock sensor that can be embedded in concrete.


With free mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, almost all the users can connect to SmartRock on their phones!

Easy Setup

In just 3 steps, SmartRock can be setup on any construction job site
1) Tag Sensor 2) Install 3) Pour Concrete

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What is SmartRock?

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Sensor

SmartRock is a rugged and waterproof wireless sensor/logger for monitoring the temperature of concrete.

SmartRock™ can be installed in the formwork on the steel reinforcement. Right after pouring, SmartRock will monitor the temperature of concrete. Temperature measurements are recorded continuously. The results can be downloaded anytime using the SmartRock mobile app.

The continuous monitoring of concrete temperature can be used as a QC/QA method as well as maturity-based strength prediction. The field monitoring of real-time concrete strength can also help with optimizing the formwork removal time, application of load on the structure, and adjusting the curing temperature of concrete onsite.

  • Get rid of all those wires. Try something New. Embed and Go!

  • Get continuous temperature measurements.

  • Get access to real-time values of concrete temperature, maturity, and strength.

  • Easily download and view the results. Go ahead and share with team members.

Featured Projects

Many construction companies across Canada and the USA are now using SmartRock to improve the efficiency in their projects.
Here are a few examples:

Ottawa, Canada

OLRT, light rail train tunnel and stations
SmartRock was utilized for temperature monitoring in the lining of the tunnel where high early strength flowable concrete was used, as well as in mass concrete footings in the stations for temperature gradient monitoring.

Chicago, IL, USA

High-Rise and Airport
SmartRocks was used on 3 high-rise PT structures, and for confirming strength on a low strength mixture covering an EMAS system to determine when to open the airport runway for use on critical closure.

Denver, CO, USA

Railway superstructure
SmartRock sensors were used to monitor the concrete temperature according to the specification. The wireless sensor allowed measurement during curing under the insulating blankets.
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